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Hii. Alhamdulillah everything was well. We loveeeee Ghaz! Sampai awal, tolong guide, tak berkira, buat je apa we request, attentive, yg baik baik jelah. I request bg i nampak kurus pun Ghaz shoot betul nampak kurus 🤣 bagus Ghaz ni. Even ada some issues sikit time hujung hujung pun Ghaz manage to handle it well. Still shoot ktorg until ktorg puas. I really hope your editor edit gambar ktorg cantik cantikkkk because the one Ghaz shoot pun i dah loveeee sangat dah. I would recommend you guys to others & hoping that others pun dapat service yang sama mcm i. Thank youuu yaa ❤️
Aizatul Aqila
My Convocation Photo paling nice , hasil yang sangat memuaskan , guide dari photographer sangat memuaskan untuk i yg tak reti posing ni hahaha , quality gambar sangat cantik ramai yang tanya ambik photographer mana and i suggest khulafa studio 😍 Process untuk gambar siap pun tak lama . Hasil kerja yang sangat2 memuaskan dan terpaling tiptop 👍🏻 Happy sangat dengan result Thankyou team Khulafa Studio
Atiqah Rashid
hii, khulafa studio service yang sangat tiptop💯 result gambar yang sangat cantik, clear! photographer pulak sangat sangat sporting gila hahhaha! plus pluss dia ajar on how to posing itu ini which is sangat bagus la untuk someone yang tak reti nak posing bila bergambar. tak rugi ye i pilih khulafa studio for convocation photoshoot ni. sangat recommended ye!
Nur Balqis
Service dan layanan staff mereka yang tiptop. harga yang diberi semua berpatutan. sangat2 reccomend. Kawasan studio juga luas dan mudah untuk parking.
Azfar Nizam
If you're looking for a photographer during your convocation, please look no further! Thank you to Yusof, the editor of my photos and Khulafa Production!
Aimi Shahirah
I have very good experiences with the photographer (Fadilla). She was very helpful. And i am very comfortable working with her. Thank you for providing woman photographer. May Allah bless. Very recommended.
Muhd Suhail
I had an amazing photography shoot experience 😍 The pictures turned out exceptionally beautiful, and the photographer's warm and friendly approach made the session truly enjoyable! Highly recommended for their professionalism and artistry
My family and friends also having fun in joining the photoshoot. The outcomes are bombastic! I am extremely happy ❤❤ If you are a camera-shy, awkward infront of camera like me, you should hire Khulafa Studio to seize your day!
Siti Nur Raihan
I'm gonna have a good memories about this place. The staff really friend and I like how the photographer help me to pose when I dont know how to pose properly💕. It's very reasonable price and the place is quite attractive location!
Muhd Aidil

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